Our workshop started out as a metal processing business founded by the first generation, and began taking orders for large pots dyed with Nishijin-ori textiles and various other commercial pots, and eventually began receiving orders for forging pots from long-established stores in Kyoto. Our work has been highly praised by professional chefs, and we have grown into a trusted workshop for commercial wholesalers. In 1994, based on the technology we had cultivated up until now, we revised our sales method, which had been limited to wholesale, and opened a new gallery/shop to display and sell our original products. We named it "Hammering Workshop WESTSIDE33" after its location to the west of Sanjusangendo.

Hammering is a traditional technique in which a single piece of metal is pounded with a hammer or mallet to create a soft shape while strongly tightening the metal. The "Yukihira Nabe" is generally well-known for its beautiful scale pattern created by hammer marks, but in recent years, many pots on the market have been patterned using machines. Ta. Each of our products, from large pots to small items such as spoons, is handmade by craftsmen. Beautiful hammered patterns and neat forms are created by patiently hammering and finishing using dozens of different types of hammers.

"Good things are beautiful." That is the credo of our workshop. We are proud that the products that our craftsmen create every day in accordance with this creed are excellent tools that are both functional and beautiful. The "Mosaku" stamp on the product is a sign of confidence and pride. From professional-grade products to products that can be easily used at home, we have spared no effort to offer a wide variety of product types and sizes, with the hope that they will be tools that will be loved by our customers for a long time. (We do not ship internationally.)

Store Information

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Shichikencho 578, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto zip 605-0943
Telephone & Facsimile
Tel : 075-561-5294
Fax : 075-561-5294
Business Hours
Regular Holiday
Tuesdays (summer holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)
About 6 minutes on foot from Keihan Shichijo Station